Planning Division

The Planning Division administers the standards of the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances to ensure new development and redevelopment are compliant with Frisco's development standards and enhance the quality of life. Also, staff provides support to Planning & Zoning Commissioners.
  • Documents & Forms - Submittal applications, forms, handouts, and guides
  • Ordinances & Resolutions  Research ordinances & resolutions by adopted number
  • Pre-Submittal Meeting Information (PDF) - Information to schedule a meeting with Planning staff before a project is formally submitted
  • Pre-Submittal Meeting Schedule (PDF) - Meeting schedule prior to any formal submission with Planning and other City departments
  • Project Input Online Form Select this icon to submit questions or comments of projects or cases being reviewed
  • Subdivision Ordinance (PDF)  - Review zoning, landuse, and other requirements & Information, such as platting process, required plat content, and required plat language
  • Zoning Ordinance (PDF) - Defines zoning standards, shows allowed landuses for different zoning districts, provides information on general site requirements, and other information