Project CDC Investment Year Completed
Grand Park
Grand Park $13 million for land acquisition under
Frisco Heritage Center
Frisco Heritage Center $50,000 to fund log cabin purchase 2008

B.F. Phillips Community Park $5 million for Phase I park development 2008
Frisco Athletic Center
Frisco Athletic Center $3.3 million for land acquisition 2007
Harold Bacchus Community Park
Harold Bacchus Community Park $5.5 million for Phase I development 2007
George A. Purefoy Municipal Center
George A. Purefoy Municipal Center (City Hall and Frisco Public Library) $2.5 million for construction funding 2006
Toyota Stadium

Toyota Stadium
$5 million for development
Frisco Commons Park
Frisco Commons Park $4.5 million for park development 2004
Drive Pepper Ballpark and Drive Pepper StarCenter
Dr. Pepper Ballpark and Dr. Pepper StarCenter $5 million for development 2003
Warren Sports Complex
Warren Sports Complex $8 million for park development: Phases I - VI 1999

Future Projects

  • $2 million to fund Frisco Square Plaza
  • $30 million to fund development of Northwest and Northeast Community Parks
Other Current and Past Projects
  • $13.5 million for land purchase for 4 community park sites
  • $2.5 million for Collin County Community College Preston Ridge Campus
  • $200,000 for Duncan Park development
  • $225,000 for Preston Ridge Park development
  • $300,000 for Senior Center at Frisco Square construction
  • Development
  • Lightening Detection System
  • More than $4.25 million for Section 380 Sales Tax Grants for Economic
  • Natatorium
  • WaterWise Conservation Project